Important Dates

  • Application Deadlines are the 15th of each month.
  • Project report is due 30 days after the project completion date

Contact Information

Janine MacIntyre
Support4Sport Coordinator

Support4Sport - Provincial Sport Organization Projects

The goal of Project Funding is to support PSO initiatives that demonstrate a likelihood of helping PSOs reach their identified goals in each pillar of the Sport Development Tool to strengthen the Nova Scotia sport delivery system. Project Funding is a pool of shared funding amongst the four pillars (Organizational Effectiveness, Coaching & Officiating, Participation and Excellence). Pillar Leads will work in consultation with the PSO and Provincial Consultants to prioritize projects. All projects must be linked to PSO priorities or plans and be completed with monitoring by the Pillar Lead and Consultant. All projects will be evaluated and the learnings will be captured.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. PSOs must have completed the Sport Development Tool.
  2. PSOs must meet the annual Nova Scotia eligibility requirements.
  3. Projects must be connected to a Sport Development Tool annual outcome or approved plan (ex. NSPPI).
  4. Single PSO, PSO led partnerships and multi-year projects will be considered. Note: Multi-year funding will be conditional upon a PSO meeting the project outcomes of the current year. 
  5. Additional revenue sources considered an asset.

Application Process

  1. Initiation: PSO contacts Pillar Lead to initiate the process. This process must be initiated at least one month prior to the submission date.

    Note: retroactive project funding will not be eligible.

    Lead Contact Information:
    Janice Cougle - Participation -
    Blaise Landry - Organizational Effectiveness -
    Evan MacInnis - Excellence -
    Danielle Poulos - Coaching & Officiating -

  2. Activation: If project concept aligns with PSO outcomes, the PSO will work with the Lead to develop the project plan and complete the application. Lead will provide you with a unique application link in the "Projects" folder on your Google Drive.

    If you require assistance accessing your Google Drive, please contact Janine MacIntyre,
  3. Decision: Project applications are presented to the Support4Sport Committee at monthly Support4Sport meeting

    If supported: continue to Step 4
    If not supported: Consultant and Lead to connect with PSO to either refine the application or communicate if the project is not feasible.
  4. Funding: Support4Sport Program Coordinator will notify PSOs of funding decisions. 80% of allocated funds will be released.

  5. Monitoring: Lead and Consultant will monitor the progress of the project and support PSO as needed.
  6. Reporting and Evaluation: PSOs provide a report within 30 days of the project completion. The remaining 20% of allocated funds will be released upon submission of the report.
Allocation Process:

PSOs are eligible to apply monthly. A Support4Sport review committee with representation from Sport Nova Scotia, Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic and the Province of Nova Scotia will make decisions regarding funding allocations. 

Application Deadline/Timeline:

Applications will be accepted by the 15th of each month. The process must be initiated at least one month prior to the desired submission date.